About Edison Lightworks

Edison Lightworks was established in 2011 as an outgrowth of its sister company, ClearLogic Corporation. The growth of new media in recent years has brought with it an increased need for mature, quality communication methods built on current & future technology platforms and delivery models. But beyond the technology, we believe that communication is not merely words. We want to help you explain; we want to penetrate the mind and reach the heart of your audience.

Edison Lightworks is named for Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931), the self-taught American inventor & entrepreneur from Ohio whose technological and innovative drive was expressed in the saying, "There's a way to do it better. Find it." Edison changed everything about communicating with technology as it was then known: through duplexed, long-range telegraphy, to illuminated video with synchronized audio. He was the first multimedia communicator.

The world is full of web & media designers, fascinated with the tools and their ability to use them, who often only mimic what the current, creative fad is. Such built-in obsolescence is ineffective, and does not compete in the world of competition where linear, cogent communication is needed. We agree with Edison's drive & imagination, and believe there is always a better way - and to achieve the most potential for return, it's best if we invent it.



Edison Lightworks provides creative writing, editing and visual communication services for web content, media scripting, marketing collateral, branding, technical support documentation, and editorial (blog) & collegiate theses. We also provide SEO and social media marketing management.


Media Production

Edison Lightworks produces, creates, edits and delivers professional websites, print collateral, and in-studio / onsite video production & post-production. With over two decades in broadcasting and creative development, we know how to bring the world of media to you at an affordable cost, whether it is simple product or service presentation, training, or something as fascinating as in-operating room surgery filming. Green screen and full post production services are available to make your next online presentation a professional success.


Application Development

Edison Lightworks brings over two decades of experience developing software & web-based application solutions for business, healthcare and education, including PCI-compliant payment processing portals, forms & workflow tools, and data collection & analysis.


Who We Serve


Edison Lightworks serves physicians, independent ambulatory healthcare providers, and regional hospitals, with marketing support, SEO, social media, website development & maintenance, educational media, and data collection & analysis.


Businesses & Entrepeneurs

Edison Lightworks serves service-oriented businesses, such as architects, engineers, contractors, accounting, and technology with video production (including aerial drone), print collateral, SEO, social media, website development & maintenance.



Edison Lightworks provides affordable content development for professionals desiring a more robust and professionally-unique presentation of their résumé, skills and curriculum vitae. Consider non-conventional print collateral, video, social and web media.



Edison Lightworks invites educators to explore affordable application, media and technology solutions to further your professional objectives. Consider us for online classroom media production & delivery, workflow tools (e.g., performance evaluations, data collection, etc.), or other creative needs.


Edison Lightworks' Partners